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Our mission is to create philanthropists.  In order to create philanthropists, we first create independently wealthy individuals.  We do this by providing the necessary education by which an individual can build their own business and successfully invest their profits in real estate.  All of our education is designed to have a maximum effect by catering to an individual's learning needs.  This means whether you are a visual, audible or kinesthetic learner, whether you prefer quick facts or lots of detail, or whether you prefer to learn by yourself or in a group, our education is designed to accommodate you.  Unlike traditional educational systems, our education is not founded in route memorization.  Instead, it is designed to empower each individual so that they can successfully discover what they do not know and, more importantly, instead of providing the "right" answers, we get our customers to ask the right questions.

 We also provide the power of working in cooperative learning groups.  Our highly cooperative groups create an environment in which education is learned through a medium that is too often neglected; experiential learning.  They also provide education beyond what is taught in our curriculum as working in a group creates a dynamic synergistic learning environment.  We also create the opportunity for all of our customers to have a financial interest in our company by offering our products and services through network marketing.  While individuals can learn the necessary business skills to build their own unique business, they can also use these skills to achieve considerable financial gain by helping others do the same. 

Through our diverse and powerful educational products and services, and through our network marketing structure, we aim to create a powerful cascading force of successful entrepreneurs and investors who can help change our world.




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